Intern Takeover: Wunderman Seattle by Midori Ng

I’m Midori Ng – local Seattleite and Project Management Intern at Wunderman Seattle! To give you some background, we have interns in other departments including Design, Copy, Account Management, Data Analytics, Strategy, and Planning.

The internship program brings together a group of students and recent grads for 10 weeks of real-life agency experience. This summer, there are 15 interns taking over Wunderman Seattle.


I chose Wunderman Seattle because from the moment I started interviewing, I noticed how much thought the organization put into their internship program. For example, during my first day I met my manager and buddy (a.k.a. ongoing supporter)—two people who were carefully assigned to me based on my interests and background who provide direction and feedback.

As an intern, 50% of my time is dedicated to assignments from my manager, while the other 50% of my time is focused on the intern project.

Here’s what a typical work week looks like:

From writing scripts for T-Mobile commercials to producing Xbox photoshoots, interns get to work on some of the most exciting assignments at the agency. At the same time, through the intern project we get to pitch our own creative advertising campaign to real  clients. I found at Wunderman Seattle how difficult it can be to work without supervision with things like the intern project, but it forces me and my team to trust our own ideas with little direction—an important skill to learn early on in advertising.


An important part of Wunderman Seattle’s work culture is frequent coffee meetings at Café Vivace, a Seattle favorite right below our office (I highly recommend ordering the Beautiful Stephanie). My buddy encouraged me to reach out to anyone in the agency I was interested in talking to, and remember that people—even at the VP level—are only a cup of coffee away.

Another intern, Olivia Hadreas, said, “When I have a coffee chat with one person, they always recommend someone else within the agency I should talk to. From these recommendations I’ve created a web of new connections! While I’m an Account Management intern, I’ve met with various people in the Strategy, Account Management, and Project Management Departments.”

From my personal experience, I check in with the Vice President of Program Management about my work at Wunderman Seattle and how the internship is going every few weeks. It’s rare to find an agency where people of all positions and expertise are willing to provide guidance about navigating careers in advertising.


This summer could not be as great without the other interns by my side. Our cohort is from all over the U.S.—New York, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and of course, Seattle.