Paris in 3 Days by Midori Ng

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Paris this past April before heading out to Amsterdam. While three days is definitely not enough time to explore this city (I’ll be back soon Paris!), I have a list of my favorite places me and my friends visited - all on a college budget. Enjoy! 


This boat tour is totally worth getting a different view of the city! If you can catch the tour during sunset the views are phenomenal. We bought tickets for the boat that departed at 8 pm and sunset was around that time in April. They tend to sell out so my suggestion is to head towards the ticket office earlier in the day to purchase tickets for the evening when the views and whether is better (its close to the Eiffel Tower so you can’t miss it). This is one of the better boat tours I’ve been on and the price is reasonable.

EIFFEL TOWER // $8 - $18

Okay, this is an obvious choice to visit while in Paris. I did spend the extra money to go to the top but was not a huge fan of the lines that accompanied. My favorite part was actually hanging out in the lawn outside of the Eiffel Tower and just people watching - which is totally free. This is the perfect place to grab coffee or cheese and wine to chill before the evening. 


Most notably known for where the Mona Lisa is - but this was my favorite room in the Louvre. Entrance fee is surprisingly cheap for this large and famous of a museum. While I didn’t try it, a friend of mine told me museum food in Europe is the best bang-for-your-buck. Since it would probably take an entire day or more to explore the Louvre, try going in the morning and spending a lunch break in the museum cafe.


A little out of the way, but such a beautiful view - probably my favorite in Paris. It's free if you don't go inside which is probably the way to go because the line is so long anyways. Great place to grab breakfast or lunch and people watch! We bought cheese-filled baguettes and sat on the steps of Sacre-Couer. This also puts you right by a touristy neighborhood for some great souvenir shopping.


Pretty sure this is located in the middle of the most dangerous roundabout in the world… but it's the start of the main shopping district in Paris! We didn’t pay to go to the top or anything, but visiting the arc itself (fun fact: where a Victoria's Secret commercial was filed) was more than enough.


This become one of our favorite places to walk around because of the shear variety of restaurants, shops, cafes etc. It’s close to Notre-Dame so if you’re in the area checking that out, allocate sometime to spend in this neighborhood.